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Guiding Principles

The following guiding principles and desired outcomes have been defined in support of the mission:


This is a university project focused on reviewing, modifying and transforming business processes to support improved service to students and data-driven decision-making. This project is driven by the vision of all stakeholders, including business process owners at the university, and enabled by the systems and information technology resources at UGA.   This is a business realignment project which supports improved, integrated and expanded services to be utilized by students, faculty and staff.

Desired outcomes:
  • Improved, integrated and expanded services for students
  • Improved institutional planning and decision-making capabilities
  • Enhanced reputation for student support
  • Improved accountability and accuracy of data from a single, authoritative source for reporting
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved and modified business processes
  • Improved ability to adapt quickly to future needs
  • Reduced security risks related to sensitive data exposure


Ensure that the needs of students, faculty and staff are met in the successful implementation of a new student information system for the University of Georgia through the contributions and participation of all academic and supporting units across the university.

Desired outcomes:
  • Investment and engagement of stakeholders throughout implementation to help analyze and determine the best approach for the adaptation and conversion to the new system capabilities
  • Involvement of stakeholders for providing input, raising issues, and addressing the needs of their respective areas through a cross-functional project governance


Utilize a broad range of communication tools targeted toward the various constituents for the purpose of awareness, education and training, as well as project progression. 

Desired outcomes:
  • Informed university community regarding the project, its objectives, and its impact on all academic and supporting units
  • Timely, regular and visible progress reports and feedback mechanisms
  • Recognizable name and branding of the new student information system
  • Formalized plan for education and training of all stakeholders on the new system, including students, faculty and staff.


The university will adopt “best business practices” that have been built into the functionality of the student information system software and related products, and modification of the base, vendor-delivered code will be held to an absolute minimum. Requests for modifications will follow an established approval process.

Desired outcomes:
  • Review existing systems and process for determining viability
  • Maximized financial savings through minimized customization of baseline software
  • Reduced or eliminated duplication of data in maintaining a single authoritative data source
  • Reduced cost and risk in the installation of new software releases
  • Compliance with implementation timeline while managing project scope and change processes
  • Elimination of errors and inconsistencies in reporting brought about by shadow systems
  • Integration of dependent systems using authoritative definitions and guidelines for data access, data standards, university application standards, and technology and business process “best practices”
  • Modification of business process as needed to successfully adopt the new system


UGA administrative units will commit the necessary human resources to design, implement and test the system in a timely and efficient manner, with the understanding that it will require the dedication of many of their best staff members. UGA will commit to maintaining the current level of service during the implementation of the new student information system. However, stakeholders will recognize that some requests for business process modifications may not be immediately implemented in the current system, but will be developed into the new student information system.   

Desired outcomes:
  • Reassignment of selected key staff members
  • Shifted staff responsibilities within administrative units
  • Increased professional growth and internal advancement opportunities for staff
  • Increased skill level of workforce


Systems initiatives, improvements, new projects, and/or enhancements to existing systems that require significant investment by UGA and that compete for the same set of resources related to the student information system implementation will be minimized.

Desired outcomes:
  • Defined approval process for enhancement and change requests to the current student information system
  • Enhancements and changes to the current system will be limited to regulatory, software malfunctions and other mission-critical changes required to support the university
  • Dedicated UGA resources for the successful implementation of the new student system