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Leadership Teams

Connect UGA Organizational Chart

Executive Sponsors

  • Jere Morehead 
  • Pamela Whitten
  • Ryan Nesbit

Project Advisory Team

  • Meihua Zhai, Institutional Research
  • Nancy McDuff, Undergraduate Admissions 
  • Bonnie Joerschke, Financial Aid 
  • Lisa McCleary, Bursar’s Office 
  • Ilir Hasko, EITS
  • Jan Hathcote, Registrar's Office 
  • Fiona Liken, Curriculum Systems
  • George Francisco, Professional Schools 
  • Maureen Grasso, Graduate School 
  • Martha Davis-Gollin, Student Affairs 
  • Bill Vencill, Faculty Rep 
  • Austin Laufersweiler, Undergrad Student Rep 
  • Krunal Shah, Graduate and Professional Student Rep

Implementation Leadership Team

  • Larry Malota, UGA Project Coordinator
  • Implementation Team Leads:
    •     David Graves, Undergraduate Admissions
    •     Rosemary Segreti, Registration & Records
    •     Melanie Bone, Financial Aid
    •     Therese Hodges, Bursar/Student Accounts
    •     Paree Shedd, Curriculum Management

Chief Project Officer

  • Timothy Chester

Project Leadership Team

  • Laura Jolly
  • Timothy Chester
  • Chris Miller
  • Holley Schramski

Project Management Team

  • Danna Gianforte, ConnectUGA Project Manager
  • Larry Malota, UGA Project Coordinator
  • Patrick Wagman, Project Management Support
  • Eric DeNicola, Ellucian Project Manager

Project Resources

  • Mike Cheek, UGA Technical Manager 
  • Tracy Giese, UGA Communications 
  • Sandra Phillips, Admin. Support