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General FAQs & Information

Click on a category title under General FAQs and General Information to view more details about a category. As we receive feedback about this new process, we will keep this page updated.

Please submit questions and feedback to at any time, and we will work to address your inquiries as quickly as possible.



General FAQs

General Information

Information for Data Stewards



General FAQs

► How does it work?
  1. Check the FACTS website and Existing Reports PDF for information on reports that are currently available.
  2. If the report you require is on the Existing Reports list a request for access can be submitted in CASIS here:
  3. If you need a new report to be developed, complete a request form on the Request a New Report page.
  4. Once a request for a new report or a request for access to data has been submitted, the status of the report can be checked on the Status of Report RequestsExcel spreadsheet andor the status of the access can be checked in CASIS.
  5. Email with any questions at any time. The appropriate functional area(s) will work with you to complete the appropriate request.
► How is this different from the current report request process?

The ConnectUGA process will give users a central place to view a list of the existing reports, request reports, request access to data or reports, and check the status of those requests. Once a report request or access request has been submitted, the responsible office(s) will work with you to complete report development processes and/or any data access requests needed.

This process will also give campus users one point of contact for questions about the report request and/or access process. Questions or comments can be sent to which is monitored on a regular basis.

► What does it mean if a request has been "Approved with Revisions"?

Data Stewards may approve access to some but not all data submitted on the access request. They may also know of other data fields than the ones requested that will give more accurate information for your request.

Data Stewards will indicate what part or parts of your request were revised and provide a rationale in the report access request form.

► What does it mean if a request has been "Denied"?

Data Stewards may decide that there is not a sufficient business need to grant access to the requested student data, hence denying the request. If a request is denied by Data Steward then they will provide a rationale on request form that was submitted.

► How can the decision on a request be appealed?

If you do not agree with the “Approved with Revisions” or “Denied” decision made by the data steward(s), please email and copy the data steward(s) stating the justification for requesting an appeal. If possible attach the report request to the email or include the CASIS request number. Your appeal will be reviewed by the Reporting Appeals Committee.


General Information

► View Existing Reports

Existing Office of Institutional Research reports can be viewed on their website which also contains the UGA FACT Book. After logging in with a MyID and MyID password, users may access key information and trend data about the institution’s colleges, schools, and departments.

 A list of Banner Student Information Systems reports currently available can be found on the View Existing Reports page.  You may request access to these reports by having your supervisor make the request in CASIS and then having it approved by a Dean, Director, Department Head, or Supervisor.

► Request Access to an Existing Report

A new or existing user can request access to a report by having their supervisor make a request in CASIS. A list of existing reports is available on the Existing Report page (excluding those available on the Office of Institutional Research page or their FACTS website.)

 Technical questions about CASIS may be directed to the Registrar's Tech Team at

► Request a New Report

If the report required is not available on the Existing Reports PDF, users can request that a new report be developed by completing a new report request form.Once submitted, your request will be assigned a number that can be checked on the Status of Outstanding Requests Excel spreadsheet that is available for download on the Status of Report & Data Access Requestspage. This Excel spreadsheet is updated approximately twice a month.

 The appropriate office will be in touch with you to process your request. This will involve going through the data access and report development processes that are currently in place.

► Request Access to Data

If access to student data is required, and it is unclear whether this should be accessed through a report or some other technical solution, users can complete the request form for access to data.

Once submitted, your request will be assigned a number that can be checked on the Status of Outstanding Requests Excel spreadsheet that is available for download on the Status of Report & Data Access Requests page. This Excel spreadsheet is updated approximately twice a month.

► Status of Report Requests & Data Access Requests

A list of all requests currently being tracked by the ConnectUGA reporting team can be found  in the Status of Outstanding Requests Excel spreadsheet. The request number, title or request, requester, assigned office, and status of the report can be viewed in this spreadsheet. This Excel spreadsheet is updated approximately twice a month. This page also contains the status definitions to help users understand where their requests stand in the request process.

Reports that have been completed will be listed on the Existing Reports PDF.

Information for Data Stewards

Report & Data Access Request Information

If you receive a report access request form from a campus user, please direct them to the CASIS application to request access to an existing report via user role.

Once you have received a data access request from a campus user, please work with them to complete the ConnectUGA Data Access Request.

Once forms are completed and decision are made, please email the completed form back to the requester and copy on the response.